Friday, June 10, 2011

Idea for Excess Juice Pulp # 1 Carrot Hummus

I'm an avid juicer, and like me, those of you who juice everyday will almost always end up with more pulp than you do juice.  It’s just a part of the juicing package.  Juicing can be expensive, especially if you don’t grow your own produce, and so in light of the rising cost of food, and my very tight student budget, I’ve been trying to get creative with re-using my juice pulp.

I have a few ideas for re-working juice pulp into something fabulous other than compost, but this morning's recycled pulp was given a new lease of life in the form of a hummus - Carrot Hummus. Yum!

Suffice to say, if you are juicing mixed vegetable and fruit juices, you will need to plan ahead and separate your pulp if you intend on using the pulp of only one particular item.  It’s kind of annoying, but it’s worth it.

This is one of the easiest dips to make - in fact, most dips are easy.  It’s pretty much a variation of hummus, with carrot pulp thrown in.  Not only does it save your juice pulp going to waste, but it also gives the hummus a lovely orange colour, and a delicious sweet flavour. 

You could use whatever hummus recipe you like, but mine goes a little something like this….

1 Tin or 400gms Cooked Chickpeas
3 Garlic Cloves
1tsp Cumin
1tsp Cayenne Pepper
1Tbs Tahini
Juice of a Large Lemon
Filtered Water or Olive Oil (enough to make a creamy consistency)
Pulp of Two Carrots
Himalayan or Celtic Salt
Cracked Pepper

Combine all the ingredients in a food processor and enjoy!

*All of the measurements are approximate – tweak yours till you are happy with the flavour!

What do you do with your left over pulp?  Would love to hear!!


  1. I've heard from some people who add their pulp to their dog's food for extra nutrition and fiber, boiling and straining it to make veggie stock and others who use it in veggie burgers and falafel - I was emailed this link - sounds divine:

  2. You can add it to soup also - just to bulk it up a bit. Carrot and coriander soup is pretty good - just use a basic veggie soup stock, add the carrot pulp, some onion, a couple of leeks, garlic, simmer away and blend with some fresh coriander. Delicious!

  3. Depending on what's in it, I add mine to the compost or to my dog's food - she loves it!