Saturday, October 15, 2011

Detox Fast - Day Three

Today I am feeling weak.  Not so much tired, as there is plenty of time for relaxing, in fact that's all there is to do.  Just weak. My face has broken out in a few spots around my chin and forhead, and the right side of my neck which seems prone to eczema has also started to itch again - I am now in proper detoxification mode. 

The day went by fairly slowly, interspersed as usual with shakes, herbs, beach, sauna, beach, massage and of course, colemas.  

The manager found me during the day to ask me that given my background with the big C, if I was interested in doing a more aggressive detox.  She also recommended it for my brother as he has really been suffering with bad skin due to eczema. Aside from twice daily colemas and fasting, I wondered how the program could possibly be more aggressive.  

In short, it would mean not having my 12pm carrot juice, my beloved 3pm coconut water and the 6pm veggie broth.  Just water and herbs.  None of the three things that have become the highlight of my day!  I told her I'd think it over, but have since decided that I will give it a go - even though I might have to get a coconut water from outside, on the sly.

I can understand why the carrot juice and the broth would be removed, as carrots are very high in sugars when concentrated in a juice, and the broth may have some residual fibre in it which may affect the digestion/detoxification process, however, I don't understand the need to remove the coconut water.  Fresh coconut water is a natural electrolyte and full of enzymes and minerals. Perhaps it is because it too contains sugars..? In any case, it is sooo good for your skin and anti-aging, I can't see how my brother would benefit from abstaining.

Predictably, I've had loads of reading time, and am halfway through the book that I'm reading, Bricklane by Monica Ali. It's a great read, and reading it here in this tropical climate evokes so many memories of my time spent in India last year.  

Before retiring to bed for the night, my brother and I played Rummy.  Foolishly, we played at the tables in the restaurant and watched with great envy and desire, the plates of food being brought out of the kitchen.  I asked him what his first meal will be when the program is over.  I am thinking papaya salad right now, and maybe a tom yum soup - something light, but delicious.  ...and of course, many, many mango shakes :)

Four more days!

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