Monday, October 17, 2011

Detox Diary - Day Five

6.34am - For some reason I wake up this morning absolutely starving... and then I remember, I am still at the resort and I haven't eaten now in FIVE days.  I am really starting to feel it. 

I feel at my stomach - the bulge that was there seems to have significantly receded. I get up and look in the mirror.  My face is definitely clearing up, and I swear it has a definite glow that wasn't there when I arrived.

7.30am - I head for the detox bar for my morning shake, and talk to my fellow detoxees.  The people who were here when I started are on their final day. I am envious, and although the past four days feel as though they have gone by very quickly, the thought of another 2.5 almost makes me crazy.

My bro appears, and I glance at his legs.  They appear to have completely cleared up.  I am amazed, and he is looking pretty happy.

10.30am - By now, the shakes have become more than a chore to swallow.  I am craving something, anything, solid.

12.00pm - I take my herbs and suddenly remember that I have approximately 50 episodes of This American Life on my iPod.  I grab it, and spend most of the afternoon listening to it, in between shakes, sauna and herbs.  It literally saves the day.

5.30pm - Not only am I feeling weary from all the detoxing, I am growing very weary of this place.  It is literally like a detox bootcamp!  

5.35pm - I have a wave of energy so I grab my camera and head out for a walk along the beach, just in time yet another magical sunset.  I find my brother and a few others also capturing the stunning sun down, and ask the Mariana, the Spanish girl to take a photograph of us.

9.00pm - I am starving, and am trying hard not to think about food.  I am also feeling very weak, and head to bed, only to be kept awake by loud chanting, clanging and bongo drums from the yoga hall next door.  There is some live music on, however it is not to my taste, and I grab my iPod and opt for Neil Young instead, hoping to drown out the yogi music.

I spend what feels like half an hour fantasizing about coconut water, and remember that I need to rent a scooter in the morning to feed some dogs and a cat at my friends bungalow on another part of the island.  Perfect.  I can escape for a couple of hours with a purpose, and maybe cruise around and check out other parts of the island... and sneak a sly coconut in...

I finally drift off to sleep, ready to take on day six.

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