Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Detox Diary - Day Six

6.30am - I woke up this morning STARVING, but managed to console myself as there is only today and tomorrow to go.  I start to get ready for the 7.30 shake, but the thought of drinking another one of those is not a happy one.  They were bearable on the first few days, but now they are vile.

I remember that I have committed myself to feeding some stray animals that have befriended a friend of mine, and plan my afternoon accordingly. It means I can leave detox bootcamp and drink a coconut in a different restaurant.  Suddenly I feel happy again and head to the bar. The day proceeds much like any other on the program.

12.00pm - I collect my herbs from the bar and go to the office to rent a scooter.  I don't quite have the energy to walk to my friends bungalow to feed the animals, and decide that a moped for the day is a much better way to get around, and also out of bootcamp.

12.10 - I stop en-route to the bungalow at a restaurant and order a coconut.  What can I say? It tastes amazing, as they always do. Her bungalow is just around the corner and I continue on my bike.

1.00pm - I continue to cruise on the scooter to the next town, one I haven't visited yet - it is much like the one before it, and I suspect much like the one after it.  I stumble upon the Art Cafe, and order another coconut.  I can't help myself, and I really needed the change of scenery.  There's a mini library in there, with shelves adorned with second-hand books.  It also stocks all kinds of detox products and superfoods.  I like this place, and know that I will become a regular customer when life resumes some sort of normality in the coming days.  

I head back to Ananda.

By 4.30, I am starting to feel weary.  I have my fifth last shake and continue on with reading my book in my hammock.

6.00pm - I go to the beach, and again find my brother there, also watching yet another spectacular sunset.

By 9.30, with my all of my shakes and colemas for the day, I return to my bungalow and tuck in for the night.  

I am excited.  Tomorrow is the last day,

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