Friday, October 21, 2011

Detox Diary Day 7.5 and Beyond...

Well, what can I say? I breezed through day seven, so much so that I felt that I could continue on with the program for another few days.  Nothing exciting or out of the ordinary happened on day seven..

the usual shakes, water, herbs and colemas, although in the final colema, instead of fresh brewed coffee, there was garlic instead.  This is to kill any parasites that may still be lingering inside the colon.

Fascinating stuff really.

I challenge you to google parasites in the human body, as you 99.9% have them - you will be repulsed, and I bet you run straight to the pharmacy to remedy the situation!

Finally, instead of our usual bedtime probiotic pill before bed, we were given a probiotic drink which had been fermented for ten hours.  It tasted surprisingly okay, and I managed to swallow it down without any drama whatsoever. 

We were also given special instructions for the morning. We were to have one final colema of just 10litres of water (instead of the usual 20) and then one hour after that, we were to give ourselves a probiotic implant - yup - up the bum! To replace all of the friendly bacteria that had been washed away over the past week.

I arose on day eight literally with a spring in my step.  Despite the fact that I knew it was my last day, I was feeling absolutely fantastic, and my skin and eyes looked so clear.  I looked at my brother, and he was also the same. I could not get over how bright and sparkly his eyes were!  Neither could he.  The eczema on his legs had also cleared up significantly, and all that seemed to remain was some mild scarring and few spots which may have still been part of the detox process. 

In any case, we both felt GREAT!

After we had finished with all the messing around with the finalities of the detox, we headed to the restaurant for our first meal. 

Watermelon and coconut water.

TOO exciting.

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