Friday, October 14, 2011

Detox Fast - Day Two

Given that the days are governed by a fairly regimented schedule, day two was much like day one.  Surprisingly, although I'm hungry, I'm still not starving.  I woke up feeling a little light headed, but nothing too drastic.  

At 9.15am, I went for my scheduled daily massage, only to find that the masseurs did not turn up for the day. A real bummer, as I had been looking forward to it.  I got talking to Manuel, one of the other detoxees who was also due to have one at the same time as me, and he told me about Papaya Massage, an amazing massage place, two kilometres up the road.  We instead decided to go there in the afternoon, after our coconut, and before our broth.

The massage was incredible.  Possibly one of the best I've ever had, however the pain was excruciating.  I was warned before I went in that they strong.  Very strong.  So strong, that when Manuel saw the lady who massaged me, he outright refused her services, claiming that she was TOO strong, referring her to me, and instead opting for one of her colleagues! 

Oh. My. God.  

...and here I was thinking that he was being a bit precious. 

When I say she got into every nook and cranny, I mean she got into every nook and cranny! 

The truth be known, I was in agony for about fifty per cent of the entire duration of the massage, so much so that after my fourth yelp, she motioned for me to hold out my hands, into which she poured a few drops of menthol.  She instructed me to rub my palms together, and inhale the vapors in order for her to continue with manipulating and contorting my body.  I've never experienced this before.  In my experience, when the pain is unbearable, they usually go a little more gently on you... but not this time. She meant business, and in order to manipulate those muscles properly, unfortunately it was going to hurt.  At one point, I honestly didn't know whether to laugh or cry.  I chose the former, and with my hands over my face, I desperately tried to inhale as much of the menthol as I could. In fact, maybe it was the reason I couldn't stop laughing despite the excruciating pain.

Be that as it may, I emerged from the massage feeling like I was floating on a cloud.  She really did work wonders, and it completely made me forget about any hunger pangs or weariness.  I jumped on the back of the scooter, and we headed back to Ananda in time for our 6pm broth.  Two 'dinners' down.. Five more to go...

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