Sunday, October 16, 2011

Detox Diary - Day Four

5.14am - I lie in bed, wide awake.  It's the third time that I have woken up.  Each time I seem to wake from the most vivid dreams.  I wonder if it has anything to do with the detox.  I am assuming that it possibly does, given the mental clarity that most report experiencing by about day seven.

Unsurprisingly, I have begun dreaming about food, this particular time I was eating what seemed to be the most amazing ham and salad roll on a white bun.  I don't eat ham, and I rarely eat white bread... I must be getting desperate..

6.00am  - I get up to take a shower. Forgetting to get up slowly, I suddenly feel very dizzy. It passes as quickly as it came on and head across to the beach.

6.10am - I return to my bungalow and assume my place back in my hammock with my book and wait till the first shake of the day

7.30am - I am the first to arrive at the detox bar for my morning concoction of psyllium and clay.  I am beginning to grow very tired of them.  Alas, I have three more days.  I again marvel that I am still not starving. Hungry, yes.  Starving, no.

I feel my stomach.  I am definitely feeling leaner.  I must have dropped at least 2 kilos.  My brother arrives, and I am amazed at how much his skin has improved in the past three days.  When we arrived, his skin looked angry, red and weepy.  As if by magic, it appears to have receeded overnight.  He is looks pleased.

12.00pm - The day continues on exactly the same as the three before it.  I have my massage, my colema, herbs, etc...By about midday, I am beginning to feel very weak.  I glance at the other participants gathered around the bar, socialising with their carrot juice... then I remember that today, I am meant to start an aggressive detox, and there will be no such luxury for me.  I instead take my herbs and again retreat to my room, wondering how I will make it through the day without my daily coconut.

I pick up an 'Around Koh Phangan' booklet and see that there is a Saturday market on in Thongsala from 4pm till 10pm.  I inform my brother and he decides to join me.  We plan to leave at four.  Just for an hour or so.  I am desperate for a change of scenery and to be back out in the 'real' world again.

4.00pm - I have my shake that was scheduled for 4.30pm now, and go to fetch my brother.  He is far from ready, and I get annoyed with him.  My tolerance has dipped, and I am feeling weak and irritable. I can't understand how he cannot be ready, when we have literally had nothing to do all day.

4.30pm - I have calmed down by now, and we hitch a ride to Thongsala.  We don't speak any Thai, and the driver doesn't speak any English, so he drops us in the main street.  Unfortunately this is not exactly where we want to go.  We spend what feels like hours walking around asking for directions to the Walking Street Market, expending our precious energy.  We both feel very weak and find a coconut seller.

Coconut has never tasted so good.  Miraculously, within ten minutes, we have perked up again and proceed to the market, which much to our dismay, is not the kind of market we were hoping for.  Not only is it approximately 250 metres in length, it is predominantly made up of food and clothes stalls.  But bad clothes.

It's tough to be around all of the tropical fruit vendors, and even though I'm a psuedo vegan, even the barbeques are smelling mighty fine.

5.30pm - We decide that enough is enough and we catch a taxi back to Ananda.  Just in time for the sunset.  I grab my camera, and enjoy yet another natural visual masterpiece.

7.15pm - I am finally feeling very, very hungry, but instead must hope that my scheduled shake will help satiate me.  It kind of does, but again, I start thinking about my first meal when I leave on Wednesday.  It seems so far away right now.

The rest of the evening continues as the day before, and the day before that, except this time, to break up the monotony, we watch a movie.  Along Came Polly.  I have avoided seeing it for ages, on account of the fact that it stars Jennifer Aniston, however, much to my surprise, it is actually hysterical...

10.30pm - I tick off yet another day, and retire to bed.

Three more days to go.

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